Still waiting….

Nearing the end of this journey is exciting, yet unbelievably difficult and frustrating, to be so close yet not know exactly when our daughter will be in our arms. We appreciate your prayers that are getting us (especially this emotional mama right here) through this emotionally draining time.

Adoption Update:

We did receive an update on our case last week and we do know our case is finally being looked at. After months and months and months of silence, this is great news. Unfortunately another document (nothing having to do with documents on our family) was requested and it will take a couple of weeks for this request to be processed. We were very relieved to finally receive news on our case yet we were discouraged that this was their reply.

Please pray that once this document is reviewed we will immediately receive our letter of approval by the government. IF there are no delays (Please Jesus!) it is possible we could receive a court date and travel to Ethiopia just days after getting our letter of approval. Please pray for miracles and favor and that we will be able to travel towards the middle/end of November. 

The first week of December holds a special day in our family and our hearts’ desire is that our daughter will be HOME with her siblings on this special day. Of course, it would also be wonderful to be home, over jet lag, and a little settled in before the Christmas holidays begin. We do not want to spend another Christmas without all our children together around the Christmas tree. (I shed a number of tears last Christmas knowing our daughter was spending her first Christmas lying in a crib in her orphanage away from her family.)

Fortunately, last week we received updated pictures of our sweet girl and she looks wonderful. She has definitely grown and is ALL toddler now. Her cute little bare feet, chubby thighs, big brown eyes, hair in braids, seriously…..she is adorable. We are so grateful to see her looking chubby and healthy!

We thank you for your prayers and incredible support through this long journey. I keep reminding myself: she is worth it, she is worth every prayer, every tear, every ounce of heartache, frustration and longing. I know one day the waiting will be over and we will hear “H’s” little feet pattering on our floors and her little voice giggling & squealing throughout our house. I can’t wait. I can’t wait for that vision and dream to be a reality.

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