Not the Update We Want to Hear

Last week we received an upsetting update regarding our adoption process. We learned that there is a current slowdown in our stage of the process for various reasons. Unfortunately we have been told this will cause a delay in our traveling for our court date and to meet our daughter. At this time, the length of this delay is uncertain.

“Delay.” The worst word to hear during the adoption process. We know international adoption timelines are completely unpredictable, however our family has hit a delay at nearly every single step of this process. Now that we are so close to bringing our daughter home, hearing we have hit another delay was devastating. To be completely transparent here, this news was a breaking point for me last week. I was exhausted and weary and my heart just could not handle this news. I just want my daughter in my arms. We are so ready to have her home, where she belongs.

The reason this delay is particularly upsetting at this time is that Ethiopia’s rainy season is approaching. For almost three months, usually beginning the end of July, it rains every single day. Every year, the courts and MOWA completely close during the rainy season. Therefore, if we do not get a court date before the rainy season begins, our daughter will not be coming home until the Fall. With this new slowdown, I know this is a very real possibility but it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to imagine.

Last week after hearing the latest news, I basically pitched a giant fit. My mama heart was not prepared to process another delay when there was so much excitement of being so close to meeting our daughter. For days I went through an erray of emotions from frustration, intense sadness, serious anger, and sulking. After several days of this, I regained my composure and reminded myself of what I know to be TRUE:

Our God is big, so very big. And He is sovereign. Completely. Brett and I have full confidence in HIS ability to make crooked paths straight. So our family is believing big, that God will miraculously bring our daughter home before the rainy season. We are going to fight for our daughter. We are going to boldly fight with mountain-moving faith on our knees before the Lord. Our daughter is worth it, she is worth every tear and every prayer.

Kiley, Ethan and Landon so desperately want their precious little sister home, and they have been patiently waiting and praying for that day since they laid eyes on her beautiful face in a picture 10 long months ago. They too have big faith that God if fully able to do what seems impossible.

**Will you please believe with us? Will you please intercede on behalf of our daughter? **

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37


Preparing for “The Call!”

Last week in Ethiopia a big milestone occurred for our adoption case, our preliminary hearing was held. We are beginning to see the finish line for this long journey! The next step is for our assigned investigator with MOWA, the division of the Ethiopian government that oversees adoption, to give our case a “positive letter.” As soon as we know our adoption agency has this letter, we will be GLUED to our cell phones awaiting the call that says, “You have a court date, book your plane tickets, its time to meet your daughter!”

The timeline for this call, as with every step in international adoption, is completely unpredictable. This phone call could come as early as the next 3 weeks or it could be 5 or more months from now. PLEASE pray for us to have extreme favor with our investigator and for us to get our MOWA letter miraculously fast! We are beyond ready to hold our little girl in our arms.

While we wait for that phone call, we are preparing! Passports are being processed, adorable toddler girl clothes have been bought, and last week, my mom and I finished the nursery! It turned out SO beautiful, I am so thankful to my mom for her amazing decorating skills. We may have stayed up till 2:30 am one morning, but it was worth it. Now we just need our precious daughter here to fully complete her room!

Next on our to-do list…its time to begin packing! It is highly likely that we will only have a few days notice when it is time to travel! Ahhhh! This is not exactly easy for my slightly type-A, highly organized personality so my goal is to get my family as packed and prepared ahead of time as possible. Over the next few weeks I hope to pack our bags for the insanely long flights, toys to take to the orphanage to play with baby girl, items and medicines we will need while we are in country as well as donations we would like to take to the orphanage (more about this later.)

There is certainly lots to be done, my head is spinning just thinking about it all. But it will get done, and soon, hopefully very soon, we will board a plane to take us around the globe so we can finally meet our sweet girl. Daydreaming about that moment makes the packing so much more bearable!

A few weeks ago, I successfully stenciled a subtle accent wall.
A few weeks ago, I successfully stenciled a subtle accent wall.
I was excited to find this pillow that perfectly matched the stencil!
I was excited to find this pillow that perfectly matched the stencil!
Yes, I spent hours ironing these curtains
Yes, I spent hours ironing these curtains
I did what I could to spruce up the sliding closet doors
I did what I could to spruce up the sliding closet doors
Ready for our princess!!
Ready for summertime in Austin
Preparing for summertime in Austin
Grammy & Kiley spent some time at Carter's!
Grammy & Kiley spent time shopping at Carter’s!
Ready for the siblings to all be together!
Ready for the siblings to all be together!

Quick Adoption Update….PROGRESS!

For eight months now we have watched our daughter grow up in pictures. She has a head full of beautiful, soft curls, curls that often look crazy like mine. She has gorgeous big brown eyes, long eyelashes and she looks healthy and chunky! She is perhaps our chunkiest baby so far! We have seen her go from always lying down to finally receiving a picture of her standing in a crib.  We have noticed new baby teeth that have come in. It is always exciting to be surprised with updated pictures of our daughter however it is also difficult. We never imagined this part of the process would take this long, we never expected we would have to watch her grow and reach milestones a half a world away. But we are finally seeing progress towards bringing our daughter home!

We are thrilled to learn that our preliminary hearing has been scheduled with the Ethiopian courts! YEA! At this hearing, the judge will review our case (adoptive parents are not to be present at this hearing). This is the first of several steps that must happen before we bring our baby girl home, but it is a step! Please pray that our preliminary hearing goes well and that the judge does not request any additional paperwork.

Following our preliminary hearing we will be waiting for our “positive letter/comment” from MOWA, the division of the Ethiopian government that oversees adoptions. This could take months, or this could take several, several months. Please please pray that we receive our MOWA letter quickly! Shortly after we receive this letter we will be given a court date with the Ethiopian courts and we will travel to meet our precious daughter!

Our entire family has been dreaming of the moment we will finally meet our little girl. This journey that we began four years ago has been more heart-wrenching and longer than we ever imagined, but we are so so grateful God has called our family to international adoption. We have clung to, cried out to, and trusted in Jesus like never before. It is always good to need more Jesus! We know our sovereign King is in the details and He will complete this journey. And some day soon, our precious daughter will be in our arms and with her forever family.

“For still the vision awaits its appointed time, it hastens to the end – it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.”

Habakkuk 2:3