Needing a Miracle!!

Friends, we are asking for your fervent prayers. We are in need of a miracle. Since the beginning of this year, we have been waiting for just one document to complete the next step in the adoption of our daughter. As soon as we receive this document we will be given a court date and will travel to Ethiopia to meet our daughter and bring her HOME.

The Ethiopian courts will be closing on August 5 for two months for the Ethiopian rainy season. We are praying we receive our court date before courts close, otherwise “H” will be in the orphanage until the Fall. We have wanted our precious “H” home since the moment we first laid eyes on her sweet face thirteen long months ago. Every month just gets harder and harder. Our hearts are aching and our arms are longing to hold her. There are just 15 working days left this month. We need this important document to be processed and signed if we are to travel before courts close.

We are so ready to kiss these sweet lips
We are all SO ready to kiss these sweet lips

In faith, we have begun preparing and packing to travel to Ethiopia. We are planning and are excited to be taking all our children with us (prayers appreciated!). The length of our time in Ethiopia is unknown, so preparing is tricky and a little difficult. I have already packed loads of snacks, medicines, and toys. We have a huge suitcase packed full with donations to take to the orphanage (which I know weighs well over 50 lbs!). All of “H’s” outfits are folded and packed neatly along with our baby carrier.

We are asking for you to stand with us and pray for the Lord to bring “H” home THIS month. Yes, these are big prayers, but we serve a BIG God. We are reminding ourselves daily “With God ALL things are possible.” We know God’s heart is for adoption and we continue to seek Him and ask Him to move mountains on our behalf. Prepare yourself, because there will be joyous screams when we finally receive the call saying we can travel to Ethiopia! Thank you for standing with us!

Oh, those sweet chubby hands
Oh, those sweet chubby hands
We can't wait to hear these little feet running through our house
We can’t wait to hear these little feet running through our house

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