Handling the Disappointment

We are heartbroken that we did not receive the miracle we were praying so desperately for to bring our daughter home this month. Every day this past month we anxiously waited for our phones to ring with exciting news from our agency, that call never came. We did not receive our letter needed to be assigned a court date in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian courts are now closed for the next two months due to their rainy season and our daughter is stuck in her orphanage during this time. There are so so many families around the country in the same situation as us. It is unbelievably frustrating, confusing and heartbreaking. No one understands why this process has become so difficult.

After taking some time to process the fact that our daughter will not be home until the Fall, we are clinging to what we know. We know that God is sovereign and He is good. We know that He has a plan for our family and we can fully trust Him. We are comforted knowing that God loves our precious “H” even more than we can fathom and He is with her in her orphanage. We trust in the love and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father. We know that more people are involved in this process and can be impacted through our adoption journey than just our little family. We know God will work all things out for His glory.

On a positive note, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the government officials in charge of processing the important document we need will be working through the rainy season. This is wonderful news. Please please pray that we receive our letter in the next couple of weeks so that as soon as courts reopen at the very end of September we can be given a court date and can hopefully travel to bring “H” home the beginning of October. Please pray against any more delays. Pray for diligent workers and for favor with our case.

Lastly, we ask that you please join with us in praying for our daughter and the many children stuck in Ethiopia waiting to be brought home. Please pray for their health and for supernatural protection over their little bodies. Pray the Lord whispers to their little hearts about His great love for them and that they daily feel His presence surrounding them.

This situation is beyond hard and we appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Brett and I have been blessed with such amazing friends and family members and we could not endure this long, difficult process without you all.

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  1. Dearest Melissa,
    “Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.” (Psalm 84:5) You are surely set on a pilgrimage. Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts…we will be praying with you. On this end we await news of a match for our baby girl from India (which could take 1-4 years), so your words, though disappointed ones, are an encouragement yet. God is good and His timing is never an accident.
    With Love,
    Abbie (Smith) Sprunger

  2. Hey Melissa, I have been following your story for awhile now and have been praying for all the families waiting to bring their kids home. We accepted the referral of a little girl in February this year and are still waiting to enter pair because our international letter has still not been signed. You are right, it is beyond hard. We traveled over the summer to meet our daughter, and all we want is to bring her home! Thanks for sharing your story. You are right, God has a plan for all these special children, and he will see them all through this. I will continue to pray that you get your positive comment very soon!

  3. You always write with such eloquence and heart. This has certainly been a frustrating journey,for sure. You and Brett have been such wonderful examples of faith during this entire time. My faith has also grown as a result of this experience. God wants our precious Helina,and the others like her,in loving homes and He will bring them to loving families soon. He is just dealing with some hard hearts with MOWA. We pray daily for her health and safety.
    Love and prayers

  4. I’m praying every single day and can’t wait till my precious new granddaughter is home!!!!!!
    I can’t wait.
    Love you both so very much and I’m also praying for you to continue with strength and courage and patience. You’re truly amazing!!! “H’ is a very lucky baby to be coming home to such wonderful parents and siblings.
    Love Mom

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