Adoption Update – Big Day

Almost five months of home study appointments, doctors appointments, writing letters, gathering detailed financial statements, acquiring forms from insurance companies, local police, our bank, etc., filing our forms and getting everything notarized, our dossier is finally COMPLETE. We mailed it to our adoption agency today! It feels so wonderful to have this major step in our adoption process finished!

Several of you have been asking what the adoption process is from here and what the timeline looks like for bringing our children home. Once our agency reviews our dossier, it will be sent to the Secretary of State and Department of State for final authentication. It will then be sent to Ethiopia (YEA!) for translation and then to the appropriate government agency there. It may take up to a month for our paperwork to arrive in Ethiopia, and then we WAIT.

Another important step in the adoption process is to file with the US Department of Homeland Security’s Citizenship and Immigration Services. We will hopefully have this completed and mailed next week and then will wait for approval and for our CIS fingerprinting appointments.

And then we will continue to WAIT and PRAY. The current wait time for a referral is 9 -12 months (we pray our’s is not that long!) Brett and I are asking for a little boy and girl ages 0-4 years old. Our preference is that they are siblings but we are also open to non-related. Once we receive our referral we then have to wait for a court date appointment in Ethiopia. This is when we will travel for the first time and get to meet our precious children. After staying for a week, we will have to leave our babies in Ethiopia (this will certainly be the most difficult time) and then wait again (possibly four months) to pass court and be approved to return to Ethiopia and bring them home to be with us FOREVER.

So, this is going to be a very LONG process. We will fill our waiting time with life as normal, as well as planning fundraisers, applying for adoption grants, and reading books on adoption. It is so comforting to know that God’s timing is perfect and He has already chosen who our precious children are. We are also so grateful to have so many amazing friends and family encouraging us and supporting us through this journey, we couldn’t do it without you!

Lots and lots of paperwork.
Lots and lots of paperwork!We are all very excited!
We are all very excited!

A Predestined Family – by Keesha Waits

We fell in love with the Millican family years ago.  From afar, they were a cute couple with three adorable children and they appeared to have it all together.  They seemed to be actively serving their church and community, and intimately involved in the lives of others.  After spending much time with them and getting to know them on a deeper level, we soon realized they are “Walking the Talk”…ministering, giving, caring and genuinely loving God’s people.  Watching them live out loud what they profess to believe has been significant and instrumental in deepening and strengthening my own family’s faith.

The Millican’s genuine love and interest in anyone and everyone has amazed us and has solidified the definition of what a Christian should be.  They have opened up their home and hearts to the homeless, single moms, students and others at a moments notice.  It’s not unusual for their home to be filled with a diverse group of people whether black or white, old or young, rich or poor, Christian or unbeliever, foreign or local, etc.  What better way to be a representation of this diversity than through your family?

So, when they shared with us they were adopting, it was no surprise and seemed almost inevitable.  The Millicans are the type of people who will do whatever it takes to provide a nurturing, secure and stable environment that allows children the opportunity to develop their full potential.

The realization that there are over 85 million people in Ethiopia, 44% are under the age of 15, approximately 5 million are orphans, 1 in 10 will die before the age of 1 and 1 in 6 will die before the age of  5 compelled us to be a part of the Millican’s Adoption Process.

The Millicans stepped outside of the comforts of our country and have started a journey to bring life and hope to not one but two children that otherwise would be highly at risk of becoming one of the above statistics.  This selfless undertaking and commitment to others resonated with my husband, Duane, and I and inspired us to utilize our talents to help raise the necessary funding to make this adoption possible.  We often pray that our talents and passions will be used to do the Will of God and fulfill his purposes.  So, after much prayer and brainstorming, God placed it on our hearts to sponsor a CrossFit competition fundraiser that raises awareness and engages the community through our company CrossFit Revealed!

CrossFit Revealed is our box gym purposed for God, Health and Wellness.  We help others achieve what they thought was unachievable.  The CrossFit program is designed for universal adaptability, making it the perfect fitness program for any committed individual regardless of experience.  We use the same routines for grandparents as we do for cage fighters, by just scaling the load and intensity, not the program.  CrossFit Revealed has allowed us to build relationships, serve others and accomplish GOD’s plan through exercise and healthy lifestyle activities.

We are honored and excited to sponsor this Fundraiser to assist in the joys of the adoption process with the Millican Family.  Join us Saturday, September 1, 2012 to help raise the funds to bring together this family PreDestined by GOD.  For more information on sponsorship, participation or donations please contact Duane or Keesha at Check the website for updates and more information as it becomes available.


——-Duane and Keesha Waits

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus,
so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

– Ephesians 2:10 

100% of the monies raised from the CrossFit Revealed Fundraiser will be donated to the Millican Adoption Fund.

The Waits Family
Duane doing power cleans
Keesha doing pull-ups