Handling the Disappointment

We are heartbroken that we did not receive the miracle we were praying so desperately for to bring our daughter home this month. Every day this past month we anxiously waited for our phones to ring with exciting news from our agency, that call never came. We did not receive our letter needed to be assigned a court date in Ethiopia. The Ethiopian courts are now closed for the next two months due to their rainy season and our daughter is stuck in her orphanage during this time. There are so so many families around the country in the same situation as us. It is unbelievably frustrating, confusing and heartbreaking. No one understands why this process has become so difficult.

After taking some time to process the fact that our daughter will not be home until the Fall, we are clinging to what we know. We know that God is sovereign and He is good. We know that He has a plan for our family and we can fully trust Him. We are comforted knowing that God loves our precious “H” even more than we can fathom and He is with her in her orphanage. We trust in the love and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father. We know that more people are involved in this process and can be impacted through our adoption journey than just our little family. We know God will work all things out for His glory.

On a positive note, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the government officials in charge of processing the important document we need will be working through the rainy season. This is wonderful news. Please please pray that we receive our letter in the next couple of weeks so that as soon as courts reopen at the very end of September we can be given a court date and can hopefully travel to bring “H” home the beginning of October. Please pray against any more delays. Pray for diligent workers and for favor with our case.

Lastly, we ask that you please join with us in praying for our daughter and the many children stuck in Ethiopia waiting to be brought home. Please pray for their health and for supernatural protection over their little bodies. Pray the Lord whispers to their little hearts about His great love for them and that they daily feel His presence surrounding them.

This situation is beyond hard and we appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Brett and I have been blessed with such amazing friends and family members and we could not endure this long, difficult process without you all.

Needing a Miracle!!

Friends, we are asking for your fervent prayers. We are in need of a miracle. Since the beginning of this year, we have been waiting for just one document to complete the next step in the adoption of our daughter. As soon as we receive this document we will be given a court date and will travel to Ethiopia to meet our daughter and bring her HOME.

The Ethiopian courts will be closing on August 5 for two months for the Ethiopian rainy season. We are praying we receive our court date before courts close, otherwise “H” will be in the orphanage until the Fall. We have wanted our precious “H” home since the moment we first laid eyes on her sweet face thirteen long months ago. Every month just gets harder and harder. Our hearts are aching and our arms are longing to hold her. There are just 15 working days left this month. We need this important document to be processed and signed if we are to travel before courts close.

We are so ready to kiss these sweet lips
We are all SO ready to kiss these sweet lips

In faith, we have begun preparing and packing to travel to Ethiopia. We are planning and are excited to be taking all our children with us (prayers appreciated!). The length of our time in Ethiopia is unknown, so preparing is tricky and a little difficult. I have already packed loads of snacks, medicines, and toys. We have a huge suitcase packed full with donations to take to the orphanage (which I know weighs well over 50 lbs!). All of “H’s” outfits are folded and packed neatly along with our baby carrier.

We are asking for you to stand with us and pray for the Lord to bring “H” home THIS month. Yes, these are big prayers, but we serve a BIG God. We are reminding ourselves daily “With God ALL things are possible.” We know God’s heart is for adoption and we continue to seek Him and ask Him to move mountains on our behalf. Prepare yourself, because there will be joyous screams when we finally receive the call saying we can travel to Ethiopia! Thank you for standing with us!

Oh, those sweet chubby hands
Oh, those sweet chubby hands
We can't wait to hear these little feet running through our house
We can’t wait to hear these little feet running through our house

Showered with Blessings

This season of waiting is so difficult, so painful, but we are beyond grateful to have such incredible friends and family standing with us during this time. For over four years now these friends have locked arms with us, prayed for us, cried with us and lovingly encouraged us. This past weekend, some of my dear friends from church hosted a baby (toddler) shower for me and my heart is still overflowing with gratitude and joy. I was so excited to receive some much needed gifts for baby girl – diapers, wipes, pajamas, super cute clothes, sippy cups and bottles, toys, baby wash products, and adorable hair accessories. Kiley had a blast opening up the gifts with me and imagining her little sister wearing the cute outfits. She is ready to love on her baby sister for sure!

Brett and I were also extremely grateful for the large number of items our friends brought as donations for our daughter’s orphanage. This orphanage has taken great care of our daughter for nearly a year and a half as well as so many other children. Our daughter’s orphanage is in extreme need of numerous items. Brett and I are excited to be able to take a huge suitcase packed full of wipes, diapers, vitamins, medicine, diaper rash cream, rice cereal, nutramigen formula, toys and more! Thank you friends for your thoughtfulness and for having such beautiful hearts for others. Your donations are helping these dear nannies take care of so many precious children.


By far, the most special part of the baby shower was the amazing time of prayer my friends and I had together. We locked hands and locked hearts and prayed some mountain-moving, faith-filled prayers. Together we shed tears and cried out to our Heavenly Father, thanking Him for His goodness and His sovereignty and trusting Him to perform miracles to bring our daughter home quickly. It was a precious and powerful time that I will never forget.

Thank you to my dear friends that hosted this shower and to everyone that was able to attend (I’m so bummed I didn’t think about taking a big group picture). Our family was completely honored and blessed. I do not think I could endure this long journey without your support and love.

Thank you sweet friends!
Thank you sweet friends!
2016-05-22 16.19.59
Thankful my friends are talented
2016-05-22 16.19.51
They went above & beyond to encourage me
2016-05-22 16.19.03
Some of my dear friends
2016-05-22 16.49.37
A basket full of goodies
2016-05-22 16.49.42
Kiley especially loved this outfit
2016-05-22 16.48.16
What cute & fun PJ’s
Can never have enough baby books
Can never have enough baby books!
Beads for her hair!
Beads for her hair!
Sweet Ethan wanted to put together her new toy
Sweet Ethan wanted to put together her new toy
He was so proud!
He was so proud
Gifts for baby girl
Gifts for baby girl