The Journey to Bring our Daughter Home – Part 2

In case you missed the first part of the Journey to Bring our Daughter Home – Part 1:


Helina was finally in our arms as our daughter and now we were beginning the process of bonding as a family. Although we had been staring at Helina’s pictures for 19 months, fervently praying for her and falling in love with her, we were basically complete strangers in her eyes. To her we were the people that took her from the only home she had ever known, so we knew it was going to be a process of her learning to trust us. We bathed her in love and comforted Helina as we knew she was experiencing a loss. She was losing her nannies, her friends and everything familiar to her. Our hearts ached as her’s ached, but we knew the beauty and love that awaited her – she was joining her family.

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The Journey to Bring our Daughter HOME

Where to begin?!?

The past month and a half has been an incredible ride and we are beyond thrilled to say:

Our precious Helina is HOME!!!

Helina is doing incredibly well and the transition home has been better than we could have imagined. But for this blog post, I want to share about our journey to bring her home. Our time in Ethiopia was beautiful and God moved in AMAZING ways. (I will divide this up into two posts because it is going to be a long story full of lots of pictures!)

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Still waiting….

Nearing the end of this journey is exciting, yet unbelievably difficult and frustrating, to be so close yet not know exactly when our daughter will be in our arms. We appreciate your prayers that are getting us (especially this emotional mama right here) through this emotionally draining time.

Adoption Update:

We did receive an update on our case last week and we do know our case is finally being looked at. After months and months and months of silence, this is great news. Unfortunately another document (nothing having to do with documents on our family) was requested and it will take a couple of weeks for this request to be processed. We were very relieved to finally receive news on our case yet we were discouraged that this was their reply.

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